Saturday, September 1, 2012

Ripple The Twine Review

An interesting departure from the usual chick lit fare, I enjoyed the fact that this book might appeal to both men and women since it was written as chick lit but with a sports theme. Definitely a unique perspective in a previously unexplored type of novel, I think that Jenn has a hit on her hands!

I loved the close friendships between the characters and feel that this book was fantastic. It was definitely a book that I had trouble putting down and I'd do everything to create time to continue reading it. 

enn Flynn-Shon is an Author, born and raised in the Boston, Massachusetts area but currently living and working in Phoenix, Arizona. She quite happily lives, child-free, with her husband in the Valley of the Sun. She is an avid recycler, upcycler, and refuser of superfluous things. Love of sports is a cultural experience, an almost mandated way of life for most Bostonians, and Jenn is no exception to that rule. Jenn loves to travel, read, spend time with family and friends, and blog. "Ripple the Twine" is her first fiction novel. 

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