Tuesday, January 29, 2013

SkinnyTinis Review

 I loved this book because it took a lot of classic drinks and toned down the calorie count but it also added in some yummy original recipes that I can't wait to try! I am about to have my first child so I haven't been drinking for many many months and am looking forward to it once again (eventually) so the low calorie drinks will be absolutely perfect for me!
It was an easy read and entertaining as well.

Teresa Marie Howes is a health enthusiast, expert skinny mixologist, avid runner and published author. Backed with a formal education with degrees in both nutrition and business and over a decade of professional experience consulting in the weight loss industry, she certainly knows the “right” things to do when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. She is also well versed in the challenges that an active social and travel calendar can infringe on ones best efforts to do these “right” things.  As it turns out, what’s “right” isn’t always “realistic” and that’s where her personal experience plays a key role. She has battled out the conflict of “right” and “realistic” in the bars, on the road and on vacation for 15+ years – and now in her mid-thirties and at a weight less than she weighed in high school, she’s feeling pretty confident in her strategies and is eager to share them!
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