Monday, March 19, 2012

She Tells All Book Review

I LOVED THIS BOOK. Period. It was a surprising delight for me as I'd yet to have discovered this author. Written EXACTLY the way I like it, with short story sort of format (therefore keeping my short attention span very happy), this book had me laughing, cringing, smiling and I read through it in one sitting. So I guess that means my attention span isn't that short, though perhaps it's just a testament to the amazing writing!

I can't possibly say much more about the book without saying too much because I honestly loved everything about it. I'm definitely looking forward to Judah Lee Davis' next release and I hope it's VERY soon! Go and pick this book up - it's a must read!

After graduating in Journalism in 2001, Judah Lee Davis has furthered her career as a corporate writer for the past decade. As a result of her training in media, her non-traditional writing style is simple, easy-to-read, and accessible to adult readers at all education levels.
Her debut novel, She Tells All, is written from the hilarious collage of ideas that could only come from living in a small town. From strong Pentecostal undertones to vulgarity of the crudest nature, Davis contrasts the war between good and evil as she chronicles the struggles of a promiscuous girl looking for love, (or something similar) in a sleepy southern town.
Her sequel, Every Woman’s Hero keeps the funny coming with even more laughter, more fun, and an even bigger dose of can’t-put-it-down humor.

While Davis is hoping to make waves in the world of fiction with her sexy, hilarious series, she currently enjoys lavishing her two kittens with an unreasonable amount of affection, spending time with her family, and keeping up with her day job.

" At 21, I thought I had it all figured out. Despite my love for writing, I chose a field that was more lucrative, and I was poised to apply for medical school that fall. I had a serious boyfriend, and I could easily wear my size seven CK jeans.
Two months later, my boyfriend dumped me and I gained fifteen pounds worth of jelly roll that poured out over the button of my once-so-friendly jeans. Throwing my hands up in the air, I canceled my plans for graduation, took a good long look at the jelly roll in the mirror, and began to notice some important truths about myself.
I realized that deep down inside, I had strong desire to tip the couch over in search of change for the rest of my life. I wanted to live off of Ramen noodles and take toilet paper from the gas station. I wanted to be that person who came back for a free refill six hours later, but yet wrote stories for a living and could maybe even be considered happy. So I became an author."


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  1. Thank you East Village for this fantastic review. I was feeling a little discouraged today and really needed this. I am so glad someone else understands my problem with attention span! The sequel, Every Woman's Hero is out, along with the third part of trilogy, The Diary of Dion. If you like the first two, you may not be as crazy about the third since it takes a 180, and is written from a completely different character. But I hope we'll see.

    Again, thank you so much, and I'd like to invite you a discussion group on goodreads if you have any more questions about anything.



  2. I'm going to have to get the next two books for sure - and thanks so much for your comment. I'm happy I could have brightened your day. All too often we tend to forget that everyone has down days so it made my day to hear I helped you out...