Monday, May 14, 2012

Interview with a Jewish Vampire Review

This book was an easy read and would definitely be a big draw due to the current vampire craze. I liked it a lot because I've always been fascinated with all things Jewish and therefore already knew some Yiddish. I did find myself a bit lost at time and having to look a few things up so perhaps a glossary of Yiddish terms could help out to make this appealing to a broader audience.

I liked how the story flowed and definitely got some great entertainment out of this book, so Erica, MAZEL TOV!

Erica Manfred is a freelance journalist, humorous essayist, and author.   Her most recent book is the novel,  Interview with a Jewish Vampire.  She’s also authored two non-fiction self-help books, including most recently He’s History You’re Not; Surviving Divorce After Forty.     Her articles and essays have appeared in Cosmopolitan, The New York Times Magazine, Ms., New Age Journal, Village Voice, Woman’s Day, SELF, Ladies Home Journal, and many other publications.  Erica lives in Woodstock, New York with her Chihuahua, Shadow, and her daughter, Freda. Brought up by Jewish parents who spoke Yiddish but avoided religion, she got her Jewish education at the Woodstock Jewish Congregation which welcomes Jews from all backgrounds, from atheist to Orthodox, to vampire.    Her website is, or

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