Monday, May 7, 2012

Love by Design Excerpt

Today we'll be doing something a little bit different. An author has generously given us a tiny peek at her book, Love by Design. I hope it will tempt you!

Victoria stood outside the Johnson’s Staten Island home and unwisely took another sip of coffee. Already a hot mess of nerves, caffeine was the last thing she needed, but due to lack of sleep she had no choice. Normally anxious on the first day of taping an episode, the perils of breaking in a new co-host only added to the long list of what could go wrong. Especially when Russ was playing a starring role in her nighttime fantasies. As long as he didn’t sneak into her daydreams, she’d be fine. She brought the cup to her lips for another hit.
     “G’day, luv.”
     Victoria jumped and coffee spilt on her outfit. Damn. Putting a mental check mark on the list next to ‘wardrobe change,’ she refused to ask the universe what could go wrong next. She turned, trying to brush off her blouse, unprepared for the full impact of seeing Russ in the flesh again.
     The morning sun bounced off his tousled hair, picking up every highlight. His thumbs were hooked into the belt loops of his tight jeans, a grey t-shirt clung to his chest and he didn't even try to pretend he wasn't staring at her breasts.
     She shifted her gaze down. The cream silk was soaked through like a spring break wet t-shirt contest. The lacy, barely-there bra offered no coverage. She brought up her arms to cover herself.
     His stance stayed perfectly relaxed like he practiced it in front of a mirror, but his stare was lethal as his gaze met hers. She knew she was supposed to say something. She blurted the first thing that came to her mind. “You’re early.”
     “I would say I arrived just in time.”

Liz Matis is a mild manner accountant by day and by night a writer of fun, flirty, and fiery romps! She is a Kindle Best Seller and winner of the NECRWA First Kiss Contest. Married 26 years and counting she believes in happy ever afters.

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  1. Thanks for having me here today!

  2. A great read for the beach or while waiting to get there!