Monday, October 1, 2012

Last Minute Love Review

Ever since I read 'Year of the Chick', I have been a huge Romi Moondi fan so I absolutely jumped at the chance to review this book! And of course, I wasn't disappointed.

As in the first book, I just could not put this one down. I loved, loved, LOVED it! I sped through reading the book and hearing of the latest adventures of Romi in such little time that I was almost disappointed I had not made myself savor it more slowly. This book is just so enjoyable and so easy to read plus the character speaks to you, no matter what your ethnic background that it was impossible to do that.

I am so looking forward to the third book coming out next year and hope that Ms. Moondi has plans for more after that!

I am Canadian, and here are some strange personal facts:

-I wore denim-top-to-bottom in high school (there is a direct inverse relationship between how much denim I wore and how few tongues were launched down my throat at school dances...or anywhere in high school at all).
-A homeless lady in New York once told me "You're just a bitch on vacation with no money!"
-I always hated those insufferable couples who would cuddle and make out on the subway...until I became half of one. But now I'm back to being none of one so I hate them again.

The thing I love most in the world is writing. When I first started publishing on Amazon it was my "crazy" humour side ("The Book of Awful," and "NOT Love Poems For Real Life"). Since then, everything has focused on my "Year of the Chick" series, because it's the most important thing to me in the world right now. I guess that would tend to happen, when your writing is inspired by real life, including all the satisfaction and risks that come from that.

My "Year of the Chick" series can be described as "edgy rom-com," which helps me account for the blunt conversations and mortifying family moments in the book ;-).
Book 3 in the "Year of the Chick" series will be written and released in 2013; until then I have some adventures to go on!

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