Monday, October 15, 2012

Sugarfiend Review

Sugarfiend was a captivating book about someone who was a complete mess. It really was entertaining to listen to the trials and tribulations of Estelle. It really seems like anything that can go wrong does. Couple that with some good old fashioned bad choice making, it really was an amusing book that also made me shudder at times.

But never fear, redemption does exist! Lessons learned and crisis averted. I liked this book a lot because it was very descriptive, easy to read and I just kept hoping something good would happen to Estelle! I am sure if you give this book a try, you will also be rooting for her!

Caroline Burau is a blogger, two-time author, and a 911 dispatcher. Her first book, Answering 911: Life in the Hot Seat was aReader's Digest Editor's Choice and a finalist for the Minnesota Book Award.

When she's not writing or obsessing about writing, she's spending her royalties on yoga classes, strappy sport tops, and used books. She lives with her husband, two geriatric cats, and an excitable yellow lab in White Bear Lake, Minnesota.

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