Monday, May 19, 2014

Unwell Review

This book was definitely one that was hard to read but impossible to put down. The main character was so raw and honest about everything in her life that at times it was so difficult to keep reading but it was also so captivating that I could not stop even if I had tried.
The story is quite a sad one with the hurts and betrayals of an ordinary life adding up to someone who feels like they don't deserve happiness and cannot provide it to their own child. Being a young mother, it truly hit home. This is definitely a must read as I have never heard a voice quite like this before!

Marie is a former teacher, education evaluator, and engineer. A lifelong student, she has degrees in degrees in chemical engineering, teaching, an MFA in writing, and a doctorate in educational leadership. Her writing focuses on bilingual and English-only children's books that feature mixed families, as well as literary and contemporary fiction focused on Asian and Asian American characters.

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