Monday, July 23, 2012

A Year to Remember Book Review

What a great book with a main character who is coming into their own, something most of us have had to go through. I really loved that she was a character that I could very much relate to. The angst of living, trying to find love, love oneself and feel happy is something that is very prominent in a lot of lives and this author really developed the character in a very approachable way that was truly enjoyable.

Thanks to Shelly for this great read that I'm sure many will enjoy!

Shelly Bell started reading at three years old. In elementary school, the librarian gave her books to test out for the school library. As a teenager, she spent her allowance each week on romance novels, enjoying both young adult and adult romance.
Married to Jason in 2003, they have two children and reside in the metro-Detroit area, where she reads on her Kindle each night when her family falls asleep.
She is a member of Romance Writers of America and writes both women’s fiction and paranormal romance. 

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