Monday, July 2, 2012

The Cowboy Singer Book Review

Avery sweet debut really. Truly a pleasure to have read and I am happy that the author self published so we didn't have to miss out on this gem!

A lovely tale of love and romance with believable characters who have flaws and problems but that only adds to the complexity of their story. Wonderfully written, it was a book that I very much enjoyed the style of writing as well at the story itself!

Paula Tiberius is an author, screenwriter, filmmaker, musician and mom living in North Hollywood, California with her musician husband Richard, their daughter Violet, and their German Shepherd, Jackson. Paula wrote and directed the award-winning feature film Goldirocks in Toronto, which came out theatrically in 2004, played on Pay TV and Cable in Canada and is currently available on Netflix, distributed by R Squared Films. To learn more about Goldirocks, You can read more from Paula Tiberius at her website, where you’ll find lots of thought-provoking blogs, vegetarian recipes and more. The Cowboy Singer is her first novel.

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